Friday, May 8, 2009

100 Mile Run: Part 1 of 2

Tomorrow two of my friends and I are going to attempt to run from Woods Hole at the southern part of Cape Cod to past Provincetown at the tip of Cape Cod a distance of 100 miles. 

Why? Because when people ask if I have ever run a marathon I say no but I could easily break 3 hours. However it doesn't matter because I have never ran a marathon and they only care if I have run one. The thing is the distance is not that scary in itself. I have done dozens of 16-18 mile long runs and probably over a hundred runs over 14 miles. So the question of me finishing a marathon is not really a question I just have to actually go out and do it. So now that I'm done with my NCAA eligibility my focus is switching to that of the olympic marathon trials but seeing as how I'm going to Pakistan in a month there is no point to keep training for a standard race but there is reason to keep running to stay in shape. Then there is the real question: How far can I run? I know I will one day run the Badwater Ultramarathon and Leadville Trail 100 but can I run 100 miles now? I don't really know. 

It will also prepare me for summit day on Broad Peak in ten weeks. It's also nice to have company. I'm doing it with with two fellow runners and two other runners from our track team are driving support and probably pacing us near the end. Part two will have a run report and pictures. For the record this is not exactly spur of the moment I've wanted to run an ultra for long time and apparently they are easier on your body than marathons because you stop and take breaks and keep eating and drinking and average a much slower pace. It's like a long intense hike, I hope...

Finally, I'm running to find a cure for obesity. It's becoming almost a pandemic across the world, not just the rich countries. A lot of money is being spent on research and drugs to figure out how to cure obesity. I'm going to do my part and run 100 miles to find a cure. Hopefully by running 100 miles in one day I will have a revelation and find a way to keep people from gaining too much weight. If you wish to donate to a non-profit some links of worthy non-profits are below:

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