Saturday, August 12, 2017

When You are the Bully

I've been on both sides of bullying. I've stood there and said nothing as people are bullied. I said nothing because I've been on the other side, made fun of for being short or whatever the issue was. After you have been bullied, it's really hard to voluntarily be bullied again. So you stand there chuckling along as people make fun of another person. Where is the love?

To apply this to a wider subject, to North Korea, we are the bully. There is no conceivable scenario I know of where they would "win" in a war. Fortunately, it's a battle of words and not actions at this point, but that's how bullying often is. It's all just words until something violent happens, and then people are left wondering why it escalated so quick. It's no surprise to the bullied and it shouldn't be a surprise to the bully either, but it always is.

My point is that I encourage you to defeat bullying in your life when you see it because it's destructive at school, in the work place, and in international politics.