Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Celebrating the End of Classes

I am done with all the classes for my masters!!! I had to do something last night to celebrate so I did the kind of thing that cheers me up. I went buildering and went to REI. I spent 15 minutes behind Harrington on campus working this sweet 10 foot brick wall to a three foot roof under some stairs. I had worked on it before but I hadn't figured it out. Basically stick to the right side and the crux is a layback with one hand at your knees and the other you reach up and over to the platform above then move your second hand up and then you have to reach up to the bars above and I'm not tall enough so my feet fell and there is really nothing for them to be on so it's a pull up followed by moving a hand up then the other hand then swinging your body onto the concrete. I did it twice I'll put it at V1 and call it The Last Exam. Then I tried to work the left side but the bricks didn't stick out enough and I couldn't layback well enough to move up to beneath the overhang.

When I went to REI I went to buy one piece of climbing equipment. One very specific piece, one they didn't have. So I ended up shopping the sale and clearance racks and bought some tights and a running shirt and then there was a sale on Cliff bar and GU so I bought 100 dollars of stuff after the discount (38 GUs, 21 shot block type things, and 32 bars). I will probably need more for Pakistan. 

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