Monday, May 4, 2009

The New Restaurant

Times change. Maybe it's just my friends that change over time but it seems like people like me are changing. We used to hang out at somebody's house and cook and eat and drink and that was our routine. Then at some point we decided that it was more fun to go out to restaurants. Rarely do we make reservations even though we show up at the same time and the same day of the week every week. It's fun to wait around for a half hour talking. Places like Buffalo Wild Wings even have games to play on the flat screens. I float through several circles and everyone goes out regularly now.

Is it a symptom of consumerism? Are we afraid to show off our homes? Are we going to spend all of our money there? (Will we ever pay off our student loans?) I'm a regular at three restaurants. I've lived all across the country and I always ask what people do for fun. It's the same everywhere: watch movies, go out to eat, and "hang out" whatever that means.

Our prosperity in the past and our credit now allows us to live whatever life we choose, for a time. Will these superfluous credit limits continue forever or do we have to account for every cent we spend with cents we actually have? I'm a little disillusioned with money because we have trillions of dollars in national debt but we don't really ever have to pay it off just the interest. Is there anything more absurd than money making money? Or creating money? Can we please create value and not create money? I would much rather buy value.

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