Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Harrington Buildering

I did some buildering on Harrington auditorium last night. It is a brick building on campus and it has these bricks  that are all odd shapes and stick out and make perfect flat 1 cm crimpers.

I started off by going to the back of harrington under the stairs and doing the right side which I've done before and is about V1. Then I tried to do the left side which I've tried several times unsuccessfully. Well this time I got up as high on the bricks as I could and then did a layback and managed to get a hand up and then I could pull and swing my body up over the "roof" of the stairs. I'll put it at V2 because it's more technical (harder layback) and more strenuous (worse feet at the overhang).

Now that I was all pumped up and nobody was around campus so I went to the wall by the entrance way into the basement of Harrington. There are three obvious routes here. One on the far left by the gray water streak. One about eight feet from the left on obvious holds but with a gap in the middle of the wall. Finally on the right side of the door about four feet to the right of the pull up bars there is a huge jug route. It was the only route on that wall I topped out on and I put it at V0. I even used the pipe and I'm sure it could be done without the pipe but without a crash pad over asphalt when my feet are seven feet off the ground I'll cheat. I finished off the night by doing some dynos from the bricks to the higher pull up bar and trying the two routes on the left side of the wall. I think the route on the far left is probably the easier of the two. It just involves small feet where as the middle route has big step ups. 

The one question I'm left with is: how hard is strait brick wall climbing? I mean there are lots of micro slopers which I'm prone to call 5.12 because I've never climbed 5.12 but they are so small and quite sloping that I would believe 5.13 or 5.14. If anyone can say from experience or a link to an article let me know.

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