Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bread, Cheese, and Hummus

I finally arrive back at my van. Physically and mentally wrecked I know tomorrow will be an off day. Well, bailing off of two different routes hardly counts as an on day, but try to tell my body that. Where did 80 degree weather com from anyway? It was 50 last week! I heave open the side door and climb in and toss down my harness, gear, and rope. I plop down on the back seat and rummage around to find the bread, cheese, and hummus I know is there somewhere. The cheese is melted with oil all over the plastic wrap. I open the hummus and try to pour the oil from the cheese in so that none of it ends up on the floor or worse on my slings which are four inches away. Very carefully I pour one shaky drop at a time until I am too tired to hold an eight ounce block of cheese. The cheese is soft enough that I can cut it with the plastic fast food knife leftover from this morning's bagels, which is good because that's the only knife I have. Then I take a piece of bread and delicately put a small piece of cheese on top then I spread some oily hummus on top.

Fat sweet salty garlic waves rush over me. This is by far the best meal of the week. No, it is the best meal of the month! For about ten minutes I savor every bite. Even licking my dirty fingers for every bit of oil and hummus that might try to escape. My mind and body completely content with the day. Finally I finish the only four slices of bread that I have and fruitlessly try to clean up the oil with a few napkins. I stumble to the drivers seat and prepare for the hours of driving home. Today was a good day.


  1. I think you would be happy to know that mom bought about 10 different types of shredded cheese imaginable today and I'm sure we have at least a few other bricks of assorted cheese in the fridge as well.
    And if you like hummus that much (which I know you do, because it is very tasty) I could put in a request for that as well to be awaiting your arrival home.
    Although being given food is not as satisfying as when you've had a long hard day and don't have choices...

    Moving on, is there a point at which excessive amounts of running/hiking/climbing are worse for you than they are good. Because I would like to think so, but it deffinately doesn't seem to stop you..

    And lastly, is there anything else you want while being home?

    Answers to any and all of these questions would be much appriciated. You have plenty ways to get ahold of me. Thanks! Have a safe trip home.

  2. It's called overtraining. I'll post something about that in the next few days.


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