Friday, March 8, 2013

Meet a 4:31 Miler!

Just ran a mile tonight! I got third place, behind two of my training partners. I took the early lead through 209 meters in 34 then was passed into a comfortable third through 409 in 67, 609 in 1:40, 809 in 2:15, 1009 in a PR 2:48. Then it started to get hard and lapping people I slipped back a couple steps from the leaders M and N. Passed 1209 in 3:23, with no concept of if that is good or bad, 1409 in 3:58, just gunning for a sub 32. Alas, my legs were heavy and I'm crediting myself with 4:31.2! Wow! Overall it felt very aerobic and comfortable. I drafted well. Set an earl pace to set the tone. Good race! I am so blessed!!


  1. Are these Olympic times?

  2. Thanks Russ!

    No, this is not Olympic level times. Everyone in the Olympic final can run at least a 3:55 mile. Still, it is progress for me.


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