Thursday, May 7, 2009

Central Rock Gym

Tuesday night after the undergrads finished classes the WPI Outing Club had the unique opportunity to go to the new rock climbing gym in Worcester to spend the night. It opens Saturday so it wasn't finished just yet but it was close. We arrived there around 8:30 and started climbing. I took my time warming up and stretching because we had the gym for 12 hours so no need to burn out quickly. Finally when I felt good enough I decided I'd start off on a 5.9 because I should be able to handle that. Well I ended up flying up it. It felt like a 5.6 or something. So after that I went over to a 5.11a and did that. I took a few falls but I got up the whole thing. I've never climbed 5.11 before so that was fun. I also did some leading and took some leader falls. We had a great time but a day and a half later my arms are still dead tired. I'm in great shape though. I did a bunch of 5.9s after I got tired. I'm supposed to go rock climbing outside tomorrow so we'll see if I can do an 11. I think I'm in shape for it at least an easier 11. This is perfect I wanted to be in good shape running and climbing for Pakistan and it looks like that will happen.

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