Friday, May 29, 2009

I'm on their website for Pakistan

Field Touring Alpine put me up on their website! I am on their team page just under all the guides. 

When I wrote my description I put down everything I had done that makes me experienced but after reading the other descriptions I kind of want to crawl in a hole. I mean one guys just wrote seven summiteer. I'm talking about 13ers and pitches of rock climbing and another guy mentions 150 first ascents.

On the upside I did an 11a and 10c at central rock last night. I also cruised two 9s and led a 10 and 9 and fell off of both while clipping the next bolt, so I had two fun 10 foot falls. I tried a 12 but fell off. about 10 feet up and could not get back going. then I almost had another 11 but about 30 feet up i fell and could not get going again. It was probably my last hard rock session. 

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