Sunday, May 17, 2009

Afraid to Die

As I get closer to going to Pakistan people are getting more worried about me dying. Between the Taliban, the mountain, and all sorts of diseases it's not really a place to go to ensure living to see 2010. The chances of me dying on the mountain are fairly high. We're talking several percentage points considering the entire history of the mountain. The chances of some fatal terrorism event happening to me are relatively low but a lot higher than in the US. Does this scare me? Yes, I am afraid to die. It could hurt and I would leave behind a lot of really good friends and leave a lot of my dreams unfinished. However, I am not worried about dying. I am going to die some day and when it happens it happens. I'm just going to try and put it off for another 60 years. 

Dave Hancock (owner of the company I'm going to Pakistan with) in an Afghanistan gun shop while it was still ruled by the Taliban.

"Just live your life!" - Rihanna

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