Thursday, May 28, 2009

Levels of Daka

Daka was the name of the food service provider at WPI in the 1990's. We still call catered campus food Daka.

So first is level C which is the buffet style stuff in Morgan commons and some of the time in the goats head pub. It nice because you don't have to cook or do dishes and there is a lot of food but it gets boring after a month.

Level B is the nice buffet like at the 300 person athletic dinner or some of the time at the goats head pub. It's nice and better than stuff we usually cook but still not as good as going out to eat.

Level A is the catered style where they bring you food and all you have to do is sit there. Most of the time the food is pretty good. This food appears at the dinners for recognition of WPI people by other WPI people. The bar is a cash bar.

Finally there is Daka A+. The realm of the president, donors, and the people that fund this place. You know it's Daka A+ when there is an open bar. The food is really good, better than many restaurant meals.

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