Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Post-Collegiate Racing

So now that I'm done with my NCAA eligibility it is time to make the switch to a post-collegiate runner. I am not sure what the appropriate term is. Professional runners are people that get paid to run and run full time and elite runners are really good runners be they college or professional or some guy that works 40 hours a week. 

I went to my first open meet Saturday. The New Balance Twilight (click for results) meet at Bentley college. Justin Lutz a WPI alum ran 14:23 for the win of the 5k and a PR. Yvon Green, Megan Murphy, and Chris McCann also ran. There was also a guy from McMillian elite there in the fast heat of the 1500. There were a lot of fast performances. in the men's 1500 the winner was 3:46 and there were five or so that ran sub 3:50. The women's 5000 also had nine women run sub 17 with the winner 16 flat. It was quite a good meet. No national qualifying times but good performances for the most part. 

The most astounding part was the total lack of spectators. I think there were more runners than spectators or perhaps one to one. In college the meets are sol long and everyone cheers that many races are noisy the whole way but during these races it was silent and as they went around the track I could hear the one or two people cheering on the other side of the track as they went around. So I cheered for every race that I saw because I know that it is not run to run a race without a crowd. Some people say that they tune out the noise when they race and I think that that is true near the end of a close race when I am just focusing on beating people but for the majority of my races I am totally aware of what is happening around the track.

So please, support your local sub elite post collegiate runner. 

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