Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Abaqus, Bodycote, Alpinist, Legalzoom

Today was fairly progressive. I spent most of the day working on an Abaqus problem with the mesh not agreeing with the geometry which is a result of my partitioning and the following meshing. The problem was/is hard enough that the resident post-doc simulation master couldn't solve it, or at least he didn't spend the time to really figure it out. Abaqus: 1284 Isaiah: 63

Tonight at the ASM Worcester meeting Roger Fabian the president of ASM International gave a talk about the future of materials engineering and reasons to join materials societies. He ended up talking at least five minutes about the aerospace industry. Eclipse went out of business and sold itself to EclipseJet. Boeing isn't doing to hot. The jets up in Canada aren't going crazy. The A380 is still being made. The point he made was that he expects the aerospace industry to turn around the end of this year. Business jets on the other hand he expects to not make a full recovery until 2012. (For the few of you that I have spilled my dreams to you know that this is actually good news!)

This afternoon I read a blurb that Alpinist Magazine is coming back with almost the same quality that it used to have before it was canceled in October. So I decided that instead of complain about it's demise I would buy a subscription to do my part to prevent that from happening again. The nice part is that for first time members the price is only 34 per year instead of 46. 

My marketing director for my mountaineering gear company told me about today and I just checked it out for a few minutes. I'm thinking that I will have some free time in May and then I can form a LLC or incorporate. Have a friend build a website this spring or summer while I'm away. Then when I get back in August start selling/building. I've read that often people sell products before it exists (think houses, contractors, fast food, guiding/cruises). So the thing to do would be outsource all of the stuff to be built in May and early June so that it would be on my door step by August and then I could proceed to get UIAA certification and other testing done while someone builds batch two of this and the website starts selling these things. 

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