Monday, June 10, 2013

I Live in Iowa: Week 111

Another long week it was. Started off working at Park Farm Winery for a few hours at one of their Toast and Jam events with live music. The week flew by in a slew of hours worked, miles run, and problems learned. 

I am part of the testing division at my company. Nothing goes out the door until all of use sign off on it. Well, we had a perfect example of why we exist this week. A small mistake, that might have only been checked by one or two people during the design phase, erupted into what we are affectionately calling 'the million dollar mistake'. It probably isn't that bad, maybe not even six figures, but regardless, it's the kind of thing that insures test people like me a job, even as our factory lays off more employees. Don't worry, the upcoming 'two million dollar mistake' is going to be a real learning experience. 

I am too harsh. All things considered, the products I work on are doing fine. It's hard, especially when one is so close to the action, to quantify in overall terms how development or progress is growing. I suppose that's why consultants charge so much.

I ran 84 miles, including getting 7th place at the 8th Grandview Gallop in a PR 21:27. I was tired out for the race, so even though I was hoping to run faster, my legs just were not there, and the last half mile was pretty ugly.

Finally, Saturday afternoon I went skydiving!! I successfully climbed out of the plane, did a horrible arch! I looked down immediately after letting go and forgot just about everything. Then I remembered I was supposed to count but by then my parachute opened. Wow, sailing through the air is so quiet. It's so strange to be thousands of feet up alone just hanging in your harness. I landed pretty well. My left foot was sore for a day and a half because the landing is pretty hard, yet I stuck it anyway. I have a video up of my landing on YouTube and I will be sure to include a longer post about the experience soon. 

Sorry for getting this out so late. It's been a long day. I am tired. I do too much and my health suffers.

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