Monday, September 2, 2013

The Vegan Diet Continues

Today was test day after 32 full days of vegan food, and I passed, with flying colors. I won a half marathon this morning in 1:14:58 with some hills and wind, and 9:53, nearly 10 minutes ahead of second place. It was a good run. Not to be outdone I ran another 14 miles in the afternoon including a 10k tempo at 6 minutes per mile pace. A 30 mile day, with 19.3 of those being rather quick. That's a good day. Plus, I feel okay right now. 

After that second run I stepped on a scale for the first time in well over a month. Somewhat dehydrated wearing my running garb I weighed 123.6 lbs. That is the lowest I have been since high school. Given how well today went I cannot help but think the food, and my weight, played a big role in today's training success. 

I have a mere six weeks, 40 days, of training left to the Chicago Marathon. The last five weeks I have had some great long workouts. The hope is the next five weeks will provide even better workouts. 

The vegan experiment is over, but the lifetime experiment continues. What is possible? I have asked the question and this is the journey to find out. In short, a sub-2:30 marathon seems likely after today. 


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