Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What Prohibits You From Trying to be Vegan?

Most people I talk to say they could never try being vegan. Yet after learning what I eat, or seeing what I eat, most say they could eat that. Already two people who I would not expected have mentioned trying a vegan diet. I was blown away in both cases. I'm not doing this to promote a healthy lifestyle, low inflammation, less bloating, or animal cruelty, I'm doing this to run faster.

Given the relative success I have had as a vegan I think I might continue this experiement after Chicago. I'm considering making it 100 days. That will free me up for turkey on Thanksgiving and other meals for Christmas yet allow me to see how I recover from a marathon.

That being said, when this does end I think I will continue indefinitely on a plant based diet. Not a catchy name, and very inclusive of all food, but really putting the focus on vegetables and whole grains. I think most of the health benefits of a vegan diet are from the higher consumption of vegetables and fruits rather than the elimination of meat and dairy.

As a side note, cravings do fade away. I have not salivated over steak in some time. It is even easier to walk past the cheese aisle now.

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