Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I Live in Iowa: Week 121

Another busy, walking on tired legs, could sleep 10 hours a night kind of week. I suppose though, it will always be that way. The "dream" I have of living in a cabin in the mountains, taking an hour to drink my coffee and read the news, going for a nice run at 8 AM, and spending the rest of the day working on little projects and socializing is either never going to happen, or is a long way away. The reason is there are so many worthwhile things I need to do now, because I'm not getting any younger and others could use my help.

Work went well. Engineering is such a great career. We get to solve problems, all day long. Although, sometimes a project can become a little less interesting on the 5th iteration, or the 50th iteration. I passed those two milestones this week on two different projects.

Coaching is finally getting going. I love the student athletes. The talking that we do on runs far exceeds the value of any individual training run. We must not forget that athletics is part of the holistic development of a person, not the purpose of solely performance development of a person.

My own running went well 85 miles including two lighter workouts. It was a bit of a down week after three workouts and 103 miles last week. This coming week has already started off with a bang, as I mentioned yesterday.

I spent some time at the winery too. In fact, I had the most draining session I have had yet. During the rush I was basically bar tending nonstop for four hours. It's exhausting, especially for someone who runs a half marathon every day. I'm not used to that much time on my feet.

Overall, a blessed week to be me.

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