Thursday, September 19, 2013

Learning to Recover

As I get older I have learned training for a marathon, is about one big day. Thus workouts tend to be one big workout per week. The other runs and workouts all act in a supporting capacity to that large workout. Taking three or four recovery days after a workout seems like I am missing out on doing another workout, yet I know that it's not the number of workouts, it's the quality of those few workouts that makes the difference.

This, like much of running, is a metaphor for other things in life. Those moment of engineering brilliance I have are preceded and followed by drudgery that is quite unremarkeble. The same could be said for relationships, they flare up an excite every neuron in our brain only to be followed by feeling of monotony and boredom. Yet in all these scenarios the ability to "recover" or be patient during the less exciting times allows us more enjoyment, thrill, and awareness of opportunity when the next workout, trauma or drama occurs. 

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