Sunday, September 22, 2013

I Live in Iowa: Week 124

I just spent 45 minutes writing my last blog post, so I'm tired of writing again. Sorry if this is short with bad transitions.

Work went well. Honestly a bit of a light week, largely because we did so well initially with the current project we do not have to go back and redo much of it. The iterative process keeps our quality high, but we were so successful virtually that the physical part of it just is not taking as much work as past projects. Of course that is the goal, but when it turns into reality it is still a little unexpected.

Running went well. That 1:57 20 miler was of course the highlight, but I also ran a strong 3x1000 m hill workout and 81 miles total. I'm in shape to run long distances at moderately fast paces. I'm getting excited for Chicago because of the people that will be there standing a few feet in front of me. The half marathon world record holder, the second fastest marathoner in the world, the former American 5k record holder, the American 2 mile record holder, any of the four of these in addition to the others in the race will be the fastest people I have ever directly raced.

Coaching went well. Running and lifting was the name of the game. No races this past week, just a lot of solid training to get stronger and hopefully faster.

That was about it. I had over nine hours of sleep on three different nights this week, a success in my book. All of the hard work, both mental and physical, means nothing if there is no rest and time to absorb it.

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