Monday, September 16, 2013

I Live in Iowa: Week 123

Another good week. I just mentally hit the wall after writing the marathon specific intensive workout, so this will be short.

I engineered stronger and lighter structures at work. Basically that is what I do every week, still it saves the company money and keeps me employed and frankly, can be pretty interesting. There is no clear cut answer often, usually we work in the gray area between acceptable and not acceptable. That being said, 10% and 20% savings are there to be had without too much difficulty.

Running went really well. Sunday started with a 27 mile run that did not go as planned, but doing 27.2 miles at 6:38 pace is still okay. The rest of the week was pretty low key and uneventful until the marathon specific intensive workout Saturday. What a great workout! The best workout I have ever had. I ran a 1:16 half marathon in training before running a 2:34, a 1:15:30 pace variation downhill and flat fading at the end before my 2:30, and now a 1:14:54 pace variation on hilly ground finishing really strong. My mileage was a total of 106 for the week, my highest calendar week for this cycle although last monday to this Sunday was 116 miles.

Coaching went well, we had our first cross country meet, and it was a success! Every woman on our team set a personal record! On the men's side it was not quite so positive, but we still had about a third of the team set personal records and many start only 10-15 seconds behind their PR from last year. It is a good start to the year.

What else happened? Not much, I slept a lot. I have been tired from the running lately. Still a vegan. You know what? Life is good, I am so blessed!

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