Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I Live in Iowa: Week 122

I'm tired. What else is new, right? Truth be told, not much is new. 

Work goes well. One of the hard parts about engineering, and the reason we get paid what we do, is that we have to make difficult decisions in the grey area between clearly acceptable and clearly not acceptable. It is not always stress free. We are all on the same team, design, test and customer, so saying something is not acceptable, when it is clearly very good can be difficult. This is life. What is white collar or creative collar work? We make decisions. 

Running went well, 100.1 miles, which is maybe 40% more satisfying than 99.9 miles. I also won a half marathon by nearly ten minutes, completed a special block and did a 4x1000m hill workout. A solid week of running I am thankful for. This past weekend I ran 52 miles in 30 hours over three runs. I couldn't push the pace at the end like I wanted, but after that kind of mileage, I'll take it. 

Coaching went well. I end up running with only a few people due to my marathon training. The team is improving and our first meet is this week so we shall see how well we are actually racing this year. 

Other than that, I worked at the winery a bit, which probably hampered my half marathon race Monday. My vegan eating continues to cost money and teach me what nutrition I need and what doesn't work so well. For example, peanut butter strait half an hour before a run doesn't work. Neither does three retried bean burritos make for a good running stomach. I can run on both, but I just don't feel great. 

Life is good. I am very blessed

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