Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Making Pretty Pictures

I tell people that I make pretty pictures at work. That I'm an artist that works with the same eight colors. Of course there are numbers that go along with the pictures, and that's really what people like to think engineers do, work with numbers. 

Here a just a couple pictures I have looked at at work recently. They are cropped to remove the valuable information. However, in the context of what I was looking for, they all mean something to me. I look at this stuff and I think, wow, that looks really cool. I mean look at this stuff. It's beautiful. The first two are meshes, which is like setting up the math problem, and the third is a results plot, which is like the answer to a math problem. See, math is cool.

Part Mesh
Assembly Mesh
Results Contour Plot

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  1. Geez, Isaiah. Do you really think it's okay to show this stuff? I would think that your employer would think this is their property and that it should be treated as confidential. If someone did this at my company, they would be summarily FIRED.


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