Monday, March 18, 2013

Run Wearing Low Heel Shoes

I just read this article:

I feel compelled to give my thoughts on the future of running shoes: low heels. The heel was invented by Bill Bowerman in the 70s as a way for joggers to be propelled forward, or so I've heard. Given my 25,000 miles of personal experience, and now two years of coaching experience I will say again low heeled shoes are the way to go.

Not necessarily shoes with a physically low low heel, but close to a 0 mm heel to toe drop, which usually means the shoe is only 10-20 mm high anyway. Even a small drop heel to toe seems to work, but 12 mm? Or even a 22 mm heel to toe drop? You must be kidding mister shoe designer!

Secondly, arch support is a myth. Rather it is a temporary fix to the problem of weak feet and ankles. Arch support was supposed to help with pronation when people run. However, there is little to no evidence that pronation control helps people stay healthy long term. I know, I went through the gamut of motion control. Like a painkiller it works for a time, but the cure is in strong lower limbs, not complicated "technology" that is new every season.

In summary, the future of running shoes is low heel shoes that don't aggressively promote pronation control.

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