Thursday, March 14, 2013

It is Easier to Criticize

It happened, someone that I gave my book to, actually started editing it. Now I know why the first two people never got back to me, apparently it is the worst grammar I have written since 5th grade. I am not surprised given that I wrote most of it late at night, often with a glass of wine in hand. Plus, I didn't edit as I go. When trying to finish writing something as big as a book, going back to correct every word or add every comma is not worth the effort compared to finishing the paragraph or idea.

You know what? I'm barely phased by it. Usually I get defensive when someone critiques me, but this time I have learned to take it in stride. It is easier to criticize another than put yourself out there to be criticized. An author I read wrote a second blog post about someone changing what he was trying to say, and it's really interesting. I usually do things for a purpose. I write can not when I want to be more clear than cannot. I will write a fragment if it elicits the emotion I was trying to convey.

I'm really happy that someone is willing to read and edit my book. I am sure there are hundreds of grammatical errors. Honestly, I don't even agree with everything I wrote two years ago. Ideologically I have changed since then. The book needs significant work, and there is significant value in that work. However, I wrote it! I created the thing. Then I gave it to people. Those are the hard parts. Criticize away, I'm putting myself out there regardless.

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  1. It's really not easier to criticize. The fact is ... that someone loves you and wants you to be better. Just take the constructive criticism to heart and don't be so sensitive. No one is perfect.


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