Sunday, March 10, 2013

I Live in Iowa: Week 98

Another week living the dream! That is such a loaded statement. I mean, I’m an evil sinful person who constantly screws up, yet somehow or other I am constantly rewarded. I don’t take those rewards for granted. Let me tell you about a few of them. 

Work is going well! For nearly two years I have been working on a project, this past week three small parts of it were physically fabricated for the first time! That’s about all I can say at this point. The point being, it’s exciting! Going from seeing images on a computer screen to seeing them in person, life size. It’s emotional. I insisted on this aspect or that feature. The product looks like it does because I was part of the process. Needless to say the next few months will continue to be interesting!

Coaching was a slow week, I only was at practice twice. The transition from indoor to outdoor track was different for everyone so only a handful of people were running most days this week. I just hope that they keep running. If you want to get better at distance running you have to run. Sitting around eating ice cream doesn’t make a person run faster. 

My own running was great! After a healthy 20.6 mile run at 6:21 pace I took the week to recover and Friday night ran a best ever mile of 4:31! I ran a 4:31 mile! That is 34 seconds faster than I ever ran the mile in high school. Seven seconds faster than I ran in college. Hopefully this can be a little inspiration to others that improvement does not stop at age 18. Another article to come later. A total of 88 miles. Interestingly I only drove my van 94 miles this week. 

Socially my sister came to visit. We had a great time eating out, walking around, trying to take a nap. The nap just didn’t happen. I have to be pretty tired to actually fall asleep in the middle of the day, and my runs this weekend just were not tough enough. Plus, it is always nice to socialize a little. Although, I require so little socializing, just ask anyone who has tried to hang out with me past 10 PM. 

In other news, two years ago I wrote a book. I talked about it back then, but I have basically been sitting on it since then. I printed a copy off this week. I gave it to my sister to read and edit. This is now the third person I have given it to. The first two dropped off the face of the earth after I sent the book to them. I am hesitant to share it because it is so emotional. I share so much in it. Plus, it is not a kind book. Two engineering degrees and 57 weeks of unemployment makes one a little bitter. All of that being said, I am considering a Kickstarter campaign to sell advance copies of it. It is already written, I just need to go through it and update and edit it. I need a few people to help edit it as well. There again, a Kickstarter campaign is a risk, what if I don’t reach my goal? What if 100 people do not want to pay $22 for a hardcover book of what I have to say? My last book (What Gen Y Wants You to Know) was produced in a very low budget, obviously self published paperback format. This time I want something a little more classy. I worked hard on this book. 


  1. Hope this new book has no typos and no errors in grammar. If this is the case, then you really learned something from your first book.

    By the way, how many of the first book did you sell?

  2. HAHA! I didn't sell any! My business endeavors are something like zero for four since high school. Also, at this point I can attest the book is enormously full of typos and grammatical errors. However, I am sure several people can help correct it before I publish.


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