Thursday, March 28, 2013

Customer Loyalty

This morning I received a "free" white coffee dream latte from Java Dreams. They keep track of how many drinks I buy and every so often I get a free one. Plus, I don't have to carry a card around that I would probably lose. They make good drinks. Most of the best lattes I have ever had. In fact, they sell the only white espresso drinks in Dubuque as far as I know.

On top of all that, they care about each person that comes up to the window. I mean we've had discussions about a number of things from job satisfaction to baseball to the weather to kidnapped and missing kids. They recognize the regulars and are always cordial. I mean, at McDonalds, coffee is on an assembly line, at Java Dreams it's a little piece of art.

They did not make any money from me this morning, but they sure earned a little more customer loyalty.


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