Sunday, March 24, 2013

I Live in Iowa: Week 100

100 weeks in Dubuque, Iowa! Wow! I'm practically a local. In one sense it seems like I just moved here not long ago. In another sense it seems like I have been here for a long long time. Of course it is always a mixture of the two. This is a good week to focus on how I have developed over the last 100 week.

At work I finished a couple of projects. In the world of finite element analysis, I have come so far compared to where I was when I arrived here. Part of that is due to the finite element team we have that I have been able to learn from. Part of it has come from simply starting projects that others worked on in the past. Seeing what others did in those situations is a great way to learn. A significant part of my FEA development has come from 4000 hours of staring at a computer screen working on finite element analysis. I would hope that after 4000 hours of something I would learn how to do it more accurately and faster.

Aside from the technical engineering, I have learned how big companies do business, how decisions get made, how designs are agreed upon, and in part how to be persuasive when I want to be. I guess you could say I have learned about business. Let me tell you business is in large part just talking. Oh, it is talking with a purpose and rights and wrongs, but talking none the less.

Coaching was very limited, the university was on spring break. That being said, the next seven weeks are the finish to what I hope is a great year. I just hope the athletes ran over spring break!

My running went rather well. The first two days of the week I was exhausted and only ran a total of seven miles, but then things picked up and I did a hilly 5 mile tempo in the low 29 minute range on Wednesday. After a couple more moderate to easy days I stepped up the intensity and ran the best 3x2 miles workout of my life. When I say best of my life I mean 10:01 (downhill in 5:01, 5:00), 10:34 (uphill in 5:04, 5:30), and 10:26 (downhill in 5:18, 5:08). That's six miles at 5:10 pace on the roads. That is the kind of workout that I need. Total of 81 miles for the week and seventh consecutive week above 80 miles.

Something new to announce: I have a new job! I am the newest employee out at Park Farm Winery! I knew the manager, one of the first people I met in town in fact, and well, this leads to that and the next thing you know I am working at a winery. I will talk about this new relationship more in the future, but it is a good opportunity for me to work on sales, customer service, people skills, and most especially meet new people.

There you have it, after two years here, I am better professionally, coaching is going well I am cranking out better workouts than I ever have, and I am starting new endeavors. I am so blessed!

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