Sunday, March 31, 2013

I Live in Iowa: Week 101

Happy Easter! Christ is Risen! He is risen indeed!

Really, compared to that, nothing else matters. Seriously, compared to my faith in God everything else is so minor. Easter is a great day to be reminded of that.

However, I have this little website so that we can learn from examples and our mistakes and experiences so that we do things better the next time around.

Work was good. Work is almost always good. I have been knocking down projects left and right lately.  I have at least seven projects waiting on someone else to critique them at the moment. It's always nice to get to the stage where my portion of the work is done.

Coaching went really really well. Our meet planned for Saturday at Oshkosh was canceled due to snow, seriously there is still half a foot in many places up here! However, just about everyone ran over break! So they came back and we had a nice 12x400 workout Tuesday in 15:02 time for the total and a 2x mile, 2x1000 which also went really well. We are going to have a very successful outdoor track campaign. Both in terms of cool weather which is good for racing and in terms of a group of people that have been working hard all year.

My own running went quite well, including 91 miles for the week with the two workouts mentioned above and a 5:03 mile and 3:09 1k added on to the longer workout. Longest run was only 15 miles, but I hit some mid 6s miles very comfortably. I'm fit, no doubt about that. The question is setting a personal record by two seconds or twenty seconds fit?

I am about to head off to my relatives house for a late Easter dinner, so I have to keep it short. My van will pass 295,000 miles this afternoon. I am debating spending days of my off weekends driving 800 miles trying to get it over 300,000. It has trouble starting but runs just fine after about 15 minutes to get warmed up.

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