Saturday, July 14, 2012

Emotional Involvement

You know what is valuable? Emotional involvement. Ask most coaches wether they would rather have the less talented athlete that is totally motivated to be there or the talented athlete that you need to keep pushing. The motivated, emotionally involved athlete will be the answer. Yet that answer is too simple to give a good understanding of any situation we are likely to encounter.

The reason being, competition is about being the best. Discussing a different example, the product that is produced after hundreds of thousands of hours of engineering must be the best on the market, at least for it's given niche, even if the niche simply involves replacing the former edition of the product. It doesn't matter how much the engineers cared about the product, what matters is the product.

So how do we amalgamate the emotional involvement and the results? They do not enjoy a linear relationship. Millions of people love running, yet Olympians don't always find the pleasant joy in the daily training that amateurs often do.

I don't have an answer. I do feel that the more that you care the more likely you are to do the individual things necessary to achieve the results you desire. It's hard to give your emotions to something. It is easier not to care.

Since I'm feeling in equation mode let me theorize something like:

Results = 40% training + 30% experience + 20% creativity + 10% caring

Which is totally skewed based on things that I do and would vary across different disciplines. Although, it is a starting point. Emotional involvement might not be the determining factor in the results compared to the competition, but it might.

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