Friday, July 27, 2012

Saying Goodbye

One of my friends here in Dubuque is leaving to go to graduate school in Sweden.  We never hung out much, but I enjoy his company. He is a person I will miss. This got me thinking.

On a day to day or week to week basis nothing seems to change. The same people are in the same places. A person leaving to go back to school, now that's interesting, and certainly something that marks the passage of time. 

It's hard because I had such a great time in graduate school that the thought of leaving work to go to graduate school has quite a bit of temptation. Also, I miss my friends. It's harder to make new friends as you get out of school. People have gotten into a rhythm and there is not much room left. I will admit, I'm as much a part of the problem as I am a victim of the problem.

The hardest part about saying goodbye is that the chances that you will ever be able to have the same kind of fun that you did in the past is low. The world is a huge place and people are all on their own paths. 

It's funny, my blogging probably teaches me more than it teaches everyone else combined. I just wrote that last paragraph, and realized how narrow minded my thinking was. Some of us will spend time together in the future, and that time that we spend together will certainly trump the present situation. Goodbye? For now perhaps...

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