Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Designated Driver ...Again

I was the designated driver once again. I don't know why I volunteer for that job. I'm frustrated-blogging right now.

So someone threw up in my van. Not cool. Later I was taking one person home, and that person was locked out. The remaining drunk people were swearing at each other and yelling. Awesome.

I'm kicking myself because I should have known this was coming. I was the designated driver all through high school. I even went to the principle's office once because I drove a girl home. In college, at least undergrad, I was the DD maybe a few times but for the most part people walked everywhere. Throughout all of that I did not drink any alcohol. So there was no "payback". In graduate school the situation changed. I began to drink alcohol. However, the groups that I spent time with were responsible (that is no throwing up or blacking out) and there was always a designated driver. In fact, that's part of the reason I started drinking. It is easy not to drink when it is associated with making mistakes and throwing up. All it takes is going to a few parties sober to know that drunk people are idiots.

This is all frustrating. I said I would drive, I didn't offer my van as a convenient place to puke.

I realize that I am an incredibly forgiving person, that's why I do volunteer to drive. Even after I have been doing DD duties for over a decade.

I suppose the problem is that I don't understand. I drink alcohol and I have been drunk. Yet I have never thrown up because of drinking or blacked out because of drinking. I don't get it. When I have had too many drinks warning bells go off in my head (and perhaps stomach) and I have absolutely no desire to have any more.

Oh well, good excuse to clean my van I suppose.


  1. People will still like you even if you are NOT the DD. I always used to say "yes" to just about anything and then I figured out that I was trying to not rock the boat and keep friendships. Try it - if they become less of a friend because you say no to being the DD, then so be it. It's their loss. not yours.

  2. It was an honor for me to be YOUR dd once. I hadn't before or since had the opportunity to drive a Previa :) Sometimes it's worth it to make sure your friends are safe.


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