Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It's What I Make of It

I have not had the best attitude this summer. A result of not being able to run and a few other things. It is childish to harbor any resentment. What total package can anyone else have that I do not already have that is really worth coveting?

Like most things this barrier is taken down slowly. However I realized just recently that the way that I view something is a result of the way I want to view it. In other words, if I want to be upset that someone is healthy and can run while I cannot I will be upset.

This is yet another example about how focusing on others can be mentally destructive. I suppose a better way to phrase it is, comparing the achievements of others to myself. The solution is simple, focus on doing the best that I can and celebrating the success of others. When you really get down to it anyway it is hard to compare apples to apples. There are red and green ones and they range in size and have more or less sweet tastes. I can be rather competitive and I find a great outlet for that desire is to pursue things that no one else is pursuing, like a 200 mile bicycle ride or 93 mile trail run. How do I practically apply that in a world where so many people are doing the same thing? Delineate their actions or results from my actions or results. In other words embrace the similarities in others' work that will allow us to achieve greater things through collaboration yet recognize subtle differences that separate the different bodies of work.

In other words, my life is incredible! At least as long as I want to view it as incredible.

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