Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ooooooo Ggggg!!!!

The rules for the Oooooooo Ggggg are a bit restrictive and since I don't want to get sued for not being an official sponsor, I'm not going to use the words Llllll, Gggggg, Ooooooo, or the year we are currently in when I talk about any sporting events over the next three weeks that may be occurring in Europe. Can I say Europe? Or that there are any restriction against me mentioning sporting events in Europe? I'm not really sure. Read the rules for yourself!

I just watched the Ooooooo Rrrr Rrrr and it was certainly entertaining! In fact not many road races that I have seen as quite as interesting. There was attack after attack, breakaway after breakaway. Finally in the final five miles RU attacked and AV went with him, a 38 year old by the way. The two of them just hammered. You could tell by their mid 80s rpm cadence and handlebar position that there were giving it everything. Finally around 2k to go they had 11 seconds and it looked like they just might make it, then with about 200-300 m to go AV hit it hard and RU could not keep up. It's cool because AV is a guy that puts himself out there and loses a lot, but he wins every now and then and is really strong. The only caveat I have is that in the 2007 TdF he was kicked out for blood doping and served a suspension. So I really hope he is clean. FYI less than 15 minutes after the race ended Wikipedia is updated.

Some things to look forward to, Athletics (Track and Field) starts August 3rd. Triathlon August 4th, Open Water 10k swim August 9th, Individual Time Trial Cycling August 1st, and my personal favorite the Men's Marathon starting August 12, 11 AM local time, 5 AM CST. I do have a complaint, on the Men's side there are eight days between the 10,000 m and the marathon, enough that you can double, while in today's world no one would probably medal in both (Emil Zatopek tripled), for a small country or really standout athlete it's a great opportunity to represent your country twice. On the Women's side there are only two days. No one would run a hard 10,000m two days before a marathon unless the goal was simply to finish the marathon. Personally I feel that is unfair to the women.

Get excited!!! The Ooooooo Ggggg have started!!!

(Note, I plan on updating the labels associated with my posts after the Ggggg.)

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