Monday, July 2, 2012

I Live in Iowa: Week 63

The weeks just keep trucking by. Not much to report this week. At work I worked from seven to four Monday to Friday. I was not making much progress on one project and my supervisor offered to take a look at it. Three days later he was still taking a look at it. It can be rewarding when the fix is not immediately obvious. Other than that big project I am working on a number of smaller projects. Interestingly enough one of my projects is actually a really big deal. Like, every single machine we make type of deal. It's fun. It is work, but I enjoy it and find the challenges interesting.

I spent time learning how to program again. My class is not for beginners, and I didn't consider myself a beginner, but it's taking a lot of my time to do the work correctly. Still, I am learning many things, and if I can just survive to the end of the quarter, I will be far better off than I was before.

I did run this week, twice. One mile Friday morning and one more mile Saturday morning. Neither one was fast but it felt great to run a little pain free. I will be fine. I might not have any July races that are quality, but by August or September I will be fit, and especially by October.

The Olympic Trials for Track and Field have been on. I hope that if you are a fan you have had a chance to watch a few events. The highlights in my view are Ashton Eaton setting the world record in the decathlon, a tie in the women's 100m to be raced head to head Monday night, and this kid Galen Rupp winning the 5000m and 10,000m. There have been a slew of great performances and close races, I'm looking forward to the Olympics in August!

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