Thursday, July 26, 2012


I limit myself. As an example, this very week I noticed an opportunity, and in a fraction of a second started to limit my chances of having success. The stream of thoughts through my head started like, 'Too this, too that, too hard, too competitive..."

Within seconds I realized what I was doing. It was humbling. How many times before have I limited myself? What purpose does limiting myself have? I have an answer for that, limiting my failure. There you have it, I do not like to fail.

Solution: fail more so that I am less adversly afraid of it. Example: I am failing my computer programming class right now. It is actually no big deal because it's free and not graded. Plus, I'm learning so much that being on time and on target for the class seems unnecessary. I don't feel that I will (or anyone should) get comfortable with failure, yet it is an advanced step of the learning process. Failure means you are doing something.

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