Friday, May 29, 2015

"Good Shape"

I am not in good shape right now, or am I? I was getting complemented on a recent Strava performance, and I was surprised how good it was, because I don't feel like I am in any sort of good shape. It is interesting how different perspectives of in shape and out of shape can be. I suppose my out of shape is faster than many people on the bike or on my feet, but I know, I can feel how slow I am compared to other times. However, feelings are not fact. It is quite possible that exercising continually the last decade has raised my bar so high that out of shape in my mind is more fit then years before. I don't have any races planned any time soon so it may be awhile before I find out. 

The point being, good shape is relative, even from one person to himself, because ultimately a large part of it is how one feels which can easily vary more than actual fitness. 

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