Monday, May 4, 2015

I Live in Iowa: Week 202

There are ups, and there are downs, and this week had both. On the down side was how the work week started, with an important meeting, that I called, and was over in a mere 25 minutes (you're welcome). Followed by something like four more meetings over the next day and a half about the same issue. The situation was (is) painful and risky. Fortunately by the end of the day Tuesday we had still maintained a high quality stance, so no bad decisions were made.

On the upside was my trip to Maine. We hit it out of the park! (Well, hopefully we didn't miss anything.) We went to learn, and we learned more than we expected. It was a successful and productive trip.

On the downside were the emails and phone calls that started circulating Friday as we traveled. Looks like some reactive traveling will be happening instead of the proactive traveling which is less stressful and far more fun. Thus is the nature of business.

I ran six miles in two runs and my left fibula is hurting again. I did 90 miles three weeks ago in 24 hours with no pain. I go and run four miles, and my leg hurts. Bizarre. Orthopedic doctor's visit scheduled for May 18th, yep, another two weeks. I do not enjoy being sedentary. I hate it.

Saturday I went up to Devil's Lake in Wisconsin to do some rock climbing. I top roped a 5.10a, Congratulations, which is apparently a classic, and I led the upper pitch of the "5.4" route the Pedestal, which is not 5.4. The grades at Devil's Lake are stout, harder than just about everywhere else. We had a campfire and hung out at the campground after we had sufficiently tired ourselves. For the record, five habaneros in one dutch oven of chili is too spicy.

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