Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Needed Change

In the next few days I have a little something to tell about a change I have made, specifically to my running. It's not official yet, so I'll wait a few more days, but the point is, I'm making a change.

It's not that things weren't working. On the contrary, I've been quite successful doing what I have been doing the way I have been doing it. Yet sometimes we need to change things in our lives. It's like moving. I suppose most people hate moving, but I've done it so much in my life that after a few years I start to feel stale. I have realized I can move just about anywhere and be a regular at three establishments in two months. I can find a few people who do the kind of stuff I do and make some friends. Sure, the longer spent in a place typically the deeper the connections made, but not necessarily.

Change is uncomfortable because we are giving up some aspect of "control" in our lives. Change scares us because we don't know what to expect. Change scares us because we've had bad experiences. Yet, change makes us grow because it forces a new stimulus on us. Our brains are forced to develop new connections to navigate the new experiences, and that is why there is often a bump, an improvement just after a change. Perhaps college is a time of such great growth because every semester is something new?

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