Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The World is Still Here

Sometimes I do something, something that feels like the world should change, or possibly end, because I did it. Yet that hasn't happened.The truth is it won't happen for anything that I do. The point being, it's okay to take risks. We live in such a risk adverse culture that simply climbing a mountain seems like a death wish to many people. In the United States you can take a risk and figuratively fall flat on your face, I know I have multiple times, and not worry about things like where my next meal will come from.

Risk seems to have more to do with embarrassment than actual bodily harm most of the time. The nice thing about taking risks is regardless of the outcome, you took the risk, and future risks won't look the same because you have lived through past risks. The world is still here, and we still want you in it.

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