Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I Live in Iowa: Week 204

Sorry I didn't get this posted yesterday like usual. I've just had work stuff to do or been riding my bicycle or too tired to put down a few words. People seem to think you can start a blog and start making thousands of dollars and have tens of thousands of readers, but for the vast majority of us, it's just not going to happen. I mean we have interesting lives and people are pushing the limits all around us, but the media tends to follow the outrageous, and what the rest of the media is following. How much a celebrity swears at a concert makes more news than a person running her first 5k or a student graduating college after four and a half long tearful years. 

Work has been up and down. At times there have been slow hours as I wait on others to finish work. Other times, just in the past week, three things needed my attention and response before lunch. I had my first experience with our cold room doing -40F/C cold starts trying to optimize some things. It is very interesting how fluids function at those temperatures. They are really more like a gel than what we think of as fluids, to a layman. That being said, the new system worked, which is always a good thing. 

I went to physical therapy for my leg and he suggested I had tendonitis, and did graston technique on my leg. It seemed to work and I ran five miles Saturday. The first four were great, but then the last one hurt. I've been on the bike more too, maybe 70 miles last week. I am convinced that rest and the therapy are  contributing to my body healing. I will be healthy in no time. 

Otherwise pretty quiet week. Although sitting here separating work from everything else helps everything else be relaxing. It's easy to think about work at home, and not the most productive for long term stress because there will always be issues to solve and problems we haven't figured out how to fix. 

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