Monday, June 1, 2015

I Live in Iowa: Week 206

This will be short, I have to finish laundry and make two phone calls before I leave for Canada Monday morning.

The week started off running from Paradise to Camp Muir and back in 2:21, a Strava record. Not the actual record by any means, at least 40 minutes slower than others have done it. Anyway, that was my Sunday during the day, then I met up with my three amigos in Seattle at Feathered Friends before going down to the Pike Place market and seeing all that there is to see. We ate at a nice place, Elysian, although it was not cheap. Then we all crashed in our hotel and Monday morning every woke up early and left. I had a couple extra hours so I did some Seattle sightseeing going to Discovery Park. Then a series of flights back to Iowa.

The work week was thankfully uneventful! After the last few weeks of this breaking or that being high priority, it was nice to just work through some things we have to get done. I will only be in the office two days in the next two weeks, so many of the paperwork things I wanted to get done this week I did. It may be boring, but getting the paperwork stuff done is rewarding in it's own way.

Friday I realized I had no plans for the weekend until Sunday evening, so I called up my grandparents in Minnesota who I haven't seen in person in six months or more, and make the trip up Saturday and spent the evening with them.

It was a nice week. Oh! I almost forgot, I ran 14.9 miles over three runs although one of those was the 8 mile run on Mt. Rainier that took 2:21, so not exactly all running. However I went on two three mile runs later in the week. My aerobic capability right now feels terrible, but I seem to be healthy. Shin "feelings" abound in my lower leg, but might just be from the graton technique taking time to heal.

I will be up in Timmins, Canada most of the week this coming week for work, in other words, very much out of contact.

Happy June!

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