Friday, May 1, 2015

I have a Medical Team

You must be your own health advocate. Except for your relatives, mainly your parents when you are young, and perhaps a friend or two, no one is going to be the advocate for your health. Thus I have a team. Sometimes I want to have a conference call with everyone so that they can all get the info and I go where I need to go to have the help I need to get healthy. It is frustrating because there is no one stop shop. Or at least I haven't met that person. 

While I titles this about myself, and my leg/fibula issue was the inspiration, I realized writing this that it is again not about me, it's about you. I see more medical professionals when I have a mysterious injury than many people in a year. That's great, hopefully you are all 100%. But when you aren't? Don't mess around, go get yourself looked at, and get a second opinion if you don't like what you hear. I for one refuse to accept "take six weeks off of running" the first time in an injury someone tells me that. Usually I ignore it the second time too. 

Point being, YOU can't fix everything yourself. I would know, I tried, but the internet is full of bad information. We call them professionals for a reason.

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