Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Continuously Raising the Standard

I like to imagine that I am continuously raising the standard for myself. The challenge is, on some level it becomes harder to achieve what I achieved yesterday. I'm working on a huge blog post about my Colorado weekend and this little post pales in comparison. I didn't even feel like writing anything. That's the challenge, when you have run a 15:something 5k running a 16:something or 17:something 5k is not a positive mental experience. Yet performance, of many kinds, is more like a power law than a bell curve. For a lot of below average, mediocre, performances, sometimes you hit one out of the park. That being said, everyone has an average, a baseline, and that can be higher or lower. The point being, it's not linear. You don't wake up and have a #1 hit. You don't solve the world's problems on the first try, and even if you do solve a problem, you might really struggle to solve the next one. Life is non-linear. 

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