Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I Live in Iowa: Week 158

A busy week. Lots of work, lot of running, not a whole lot of sitting around.

Highlight of the work week was and is one of my coworkers from India being here and having the opportunity to show him around, operate machines, and otherwise do the physical things that he can do here he doesn't have the opportunity to do in India.

I ran the Run4Troops marathon on Saturday coming in second in 2:50, to the guy I beat last year. I'll take it, not a great race, but a really good run considering my fitness. I even will say I worked harder this year than last to put this time down. It became pretty emotional too around the last five miles, no crying, but I wanted to stop and cry and be held. Plus, at that point I was thinking of Everest, and Everest 2014 is certainly something worth crying about. Regardless, it's nice to know I can fake a 2:50 marathon on a few weeks of training and one 20 minute tempo.

Just to show my weekend, after the race I worked a four hour shift bartending at Park Farm Winery, on my feet the whole time. Then in the evening I went to the musical Oliver that a friend was in. That was a long day.

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