Friday, July 4, 2014

I'm Aiming to "Run" Part of Nolan's 14 Tomorrow and Saturday

Plan is to start up Mt. Massive around 7:30 AM, then do Elbert, and La Plata, then a whole bunch of others, ending late Saturday descending Yale. Drive home Sunday and be at work Monday.

Yes, I plan to run and walk and climb about 70 miles over about 40 hours including something like 30,000 feet of elevation. I will have my inReach from Delorme tracking me the whole way and be Tweeting. I have maps and route descriptions and the skills. My biggest fears:

  1. Hypothermia
  2. Animals (bears mostly…)
  3. Bad Weather
  4. Injury
I could obviously elaborate on all of this. Why am I doing this? Isn't this risky? (I'll answer that now, risky compared to Mount Everest or compared to sitting on my couch for three days? Enough said.) Why didn't I advertise this more? Why not go for the whole Nolan's 14, not just 10 of them? Why am I doing this alone? Honestly, maybe I'll answer these later, but it's about a consolation prize for Everest and if I don't go now, when I am still a little acclimated, when will I go?

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