Monday, July 7, 2014

I Live in Iowa: Week 159

I have such a wonderful life! It's just amazing. It should all be taken from me and gifted to someone who has suffered much more. I don't deserve the many forms of wealth I have. For example, Friday and Saturday I spent most of the daylight hours running and hiking up and down the high mountains in Colorado, doing four of the highest and covering something on the order of 60 miles. And... You know what? I'm a little sore, but I've had worse long runs. All things considered I feel great. On top of all that, I just went and did it. I have a great job, a great career, wonderful friends, I'm still acclimated from Everest, I am physically gifted at running and hiking, and I am not taking any of those forms of wealth for granted right now.

Work was a light week, many people were out of the office. Despite that I managed to get some things closer to completion. My job, and many of yours, is to fix things. To make something better today than it was yesterday. Some days that is hard to remember as I am redoing something for the, no lie, fifth time. Yet, that's why I am there, because someone with my skills has to do it and I am getting paid to make it happen.

Not sure how much I ran or walked, but it is quite likely over 100 miles for the week, even though Thursday I didn't do any mileage. I recovered from the marathon fantastically! I did 8 miles Sunday and 10 on Monday, which is great for the two days after a hard effort like a 2:50 marathon.

I'm tired, that's all you're getting today.

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