Monday, July 14, 2014

I Live in Iowa: Week 160

A good, but very tiring week. I will be honest, work has been stressing me out. I mean to draw a diagram of how work gets done because I have a visual ideal of how to describe the work I do with the other groups I work with. However I am tapping this out with my thumbs on a long drive and I don't have my laptop easily accessible. So making a graphic is not going to happen today. 

Point being, we are feeling pressure from multiple sides to finish projects, make it better quality, easier to assemble, cheaper, and more durable, and of course finish it yesterday. Thus Friday night and Saturday I crawled into a mental hole a somewhat. It's worth telling more about, especially the mental journey I took Friday night after watching Lone Survivor about a Navy Seal team in Afghanistan. Yet, not everything deserves to be told to the world, so I'm keeping that emotional memory to myself. 

Saturday was totally a recovery day. I was fairly antisocial and basically just laid around and went for a single 14.5 mile run. I slept close to 11 hours Friday night. I think all week I was really recovering from my Colorado fast packing adventure. I only ran four times this week because several times I got home from work and was too tired to run. Wednesday I came home, took a 90 minute nap, woke up to eat and read a little, then slept another nine hours. I am definitely not an insomniac!

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