Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Please just let me run.

I am a professional sitter. Many people drive a desk just like I do, and sitting is a struggle for me. Friday I sat all day at work, then I sat for five hours to drive to my grandparents. I did not run Friday. I was in the mood to take a day off, and I really should take one to three days off per month, but I need to get out and run sometimes. It's a challenge. My family after years of me wanting to get out and run understand and are quite accommodating. Yet it's still a tension within me. Last Saturday I did no run because I spent the first 14 hours driving north and then when I had a chance to run I wanted to spend time with my family instead of going for a run. After a day like that I then feel guilty that I didn't do much of anything physical. Okay, I did dance for a half hour at the reception, and this past Friday I took a 90 minute walking tour at work.

I was not meant to sit. I was not meant to be sedentary. It is nothing personal against you. In fact, I want to run, walk, hike, climb, and bicycle with you. I want to spend an hour or two talking with you as our hearts pump and our muscles burn and our skin sweats. I am not trying to get away from socializing. I just need to move. I do not mean to cut this sedentary conversation short, but please just let me run.

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