Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Suicide Epidemic

This week I heard of my third suicide this year. Two successful and one unsuccessful, fortunately. Like many activities this travels in packs. I think that post recession the suicide rate has been very high.

As a person that has been there and thought through it, I can say it is very emotional experience. I hope that no one would experience suicidal tendencies. Ultimately, if you think through to a variety of possible scenarios you realize that suicide is not the best option. If you can assemble the facts of your relationships you will understand that there are other options.

Having come out of that phase years ago I can say that I have absolutely no desire to quit life. I may not always have the desire to face the future, but I am certainly not quitting. It is such a waste of potential. Don't do it! Talk to someone! Talk to me! Your life is more valuable than that.

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