Friday, April 20, 2012

English Female Acoustic Electric Pop

I'm reading the book "The Long Tail" which describes how the economics of nearly infinite storage make it possible to build niches and microniches that are economically viable. The book cites some data from Rhapsody and Amazon among others that suggests that more sales come from things that are not in the top 100 list than things that are in the top 100. Another reference is made to Jeff Bezos when he says that Amazon sold more books today that it did not sell yesterday than of books that it did sell yesterday.

No you can't live off of selling one book every other day terribly comfortably, but it is interesting to note isn't it? Another statistic, from 2005 was that every song on iTunes at the time had sold at least once. I would assume that even with the massive growth over the last several years that statistic is still true. In other words, if you just get a song onto iTunes, you will sell at least one song. Again, you can't make much money selling one song per month or per quarter, but you do not have to get your work onto the self to make money from it anymore.

Another example, which the book is too old to account for, is the App Economy. Instead of Microsoft running the software show all of a sudden you have tiny companies producing apps for a specific audience. This NPR piece on InstaPaper is an interesting case study.

Circling back to the title, the genere of music that has been my stalwart favorite the last seven or eight years is English female acoustic electric pop. It started with the soundtrack to Garden State which featured Frou Frou from there a Lexus commercial turned me onto Psapp and a few years later I figured out that Imogen Heap was the voice behind Frou Frou. Then I went through a carzy phase and branched out into Lily Allen. Most recently I have been listening to Ellie Goulding which started as a Pandora recommendation. I don't expect most Americans to have heard of any of those bands or people. There are others but I feel those are the ones with better ablums.

Similarly, I don't follow professional or college sports, except distance running and the Tour de France. Not exactly watercooler talk. Yet it's what I am interested in. I can relate to it. They are truly international sports and the world championships counts as the competition of the best in the world. Unlike the standard American sports.

The world is changing. It is surely an interesting time to be alive.

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